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Hugh Myddelton Primary School
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Extra-curricular Clubs

Each term we offer a wide programme of activity clubs which take place before and after school. These provide the children with a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop their confidence and make new friends from different classes and years. The programme varies from term to term. We also run family clubs, such as cooking, science, yoga, so that parents and children can have fun learning together.

You can pick up a copy of the application form at the School office. It's £20 a term to join (or just £10 if your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium'). In order for the school to claim Pupil Premium, parents must fill out an application for Free School Meals (even though all meals are currently free in Islington, the application allows the school to access extra funding). Please contact Ms Karen Jacobs, who is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and to Thursdays, if you require more information.

Some of the clubs on offer this term are: Street Dance, Drama, Multisport (for KS1 and 2), Karate, Homework Support, Art, Mandarin, Keyboards and Songwriting, Football, Gymnastics, Archaeology (at Islington Museum), Creative Club, Mini Music, Gutsy Girls, Book Club, Debate Mate. 


As well as our twice-weekly singing assemblies, children with an enthusiasm for singing can audition to be in one of our choirs. Both our Junior and Senior Choirs regularly perform to audiences within the local community, such as at the annual Pure Voices concert, at the Union Chapel.

Musical Instrument Tuition

As part of the taught music curriculum at Hugh Myddelton, all children in Year 3 learn to play the recorder and some extra groups learn ukulele. In Year 4 some children learn clarinet or guitar. All children in year 5 have keyboard lessons. A specialist brass teacher teaches trumpet, trombone and euphonium to various children across the school. Mrs Raggatt, the music co-ordinator, provides whole class specialist music lessons for reception, year 1, years 3, 4 and 5.

Debate Mate

Ages: Years 5 - 6

Debate Mate offers children the chance to improve their debating skills and participate in local and national competitions.  It's great for building confidence and critical thinking skills.