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Our Partnership with Winton Primary School

The Governors are very pleased to announce Hugh Myddelton will be forming a partnership with Winton Primary School, with effect from 1st September 2017, for a 2 year period. The Partnership proposal was unanimously supported by the Governing Bodies of both schools and a Partnership Working Group has been set up to ensure an effective and equitable alliance. The Working Group is made up of Governors from both schools, Ms Parker, Mr Barber and the Head of School Improvement, Mr Anthony Doudle from Islington Council.

We believe the Partnership is in the best interest of both schools and it is fully supported by the London Borough of Islington’s Head of School Improvement. Please find attached a draft proposal of our vision for moving forward with Winton.

What is a Partnership?
A Partnership is when two or more schools agree to work together and support one another to advance common goals. Each school retains its own character, budget and performance tables and will have separate Ofsted inspections. Admissions processes will not change.

How will this benefit Hugh Myddelton?

  • The pooling of expertise, research and pedagogy will provide an enhanced learning environment and ensure we meet the needs of every child to the very best of our combined abilities.
  • The Partnership will provide more opportunities for our teachers to develop and flourish. We will maintain and attract dynamic individuals to continue our progressive vision of excellence.
  • There will be enhanced access to resources and curriculum opportunities for every child.

What does this mean day-to-day?

In practice, the Partnership will not alter the day-to-day education that your child receives. However, there will be changes to the Senior Leadership of the school. Some key things to note are:

  • Ms Parker will become the Executive Head Teacher across both schools. Her time will be organised accordingly; supporting the leadership teams and working closely with leaders and governors on the strategic direction of the schools.
  • The current Leadership team will remain but will be restructured in order to incorporate a Head of School at Hugh Myddelton to take on any additional responsibilities. There will always be the familiar Senior Leader team on site and in charge at all times.
  • All other staff will remain in post at Hugh Myddelton and will not be required to move across to Winton School at any stage.
  • All other elements of the day-to-day school life will remain the same.

What happens now?

The Partnership Working Group will meet regularly over the course of the 2 year process to assess and monitor its effectiveness and impact.

What will happen at the end of the 2 years?

At the end of the 2 years, the Partnership Working Group and the two Governing Bodies will review how well the Partnership is working. This will include consulting with parents, carers, families and children to find out what you think and we will then decide whether to continue the agreement, change it in some way or end it.

As a school we feel very positive about the opportunities which are offered through a Partnership and we look forward to developing our relationship with Winton Primary School in the year ahead.